A number of horse trainers, veterinarians, horse farm owners, software engineers and business people were enjoying dinner, talking about horses and the joys and difficulties of keeping them happy, healthy and at top performance level. Regular mention was made of the difficulty to keep track of all data regarding every single horse, as soon as there was more than one horse and one person involved. The basic problem of horse farms, small and large.

Most often, the information is kept all over the place, or in one single paper log book not easily accessible except while at the farm, or gets lost in numerous post-its, and can quickly become time consuming to gather. After an animated discussion, they decided to get practical and start a project to solve the problem, allowing veterinarians, farriers, horse owners, grooms, farm managers to access all information in one single place, with separated and secure access rights for each. Speedfarms.com was born.

Since then, numerous hours have been spent fine-tuning what we want to become the best equine management software ever made. We all believe in teamwork, flexibility, hard work, simplicity and ease of use. We want any groom to be able to use the software from day one, and cut the usual complexity associated with computers, software and all the technical stuff. We are working hard every day in making the software evolve to fit the needs of as many horse owners and farms as possible, while keeping it simple. We believe that our efforts will benefit horses, by keeping their data safe and their owners informed.

Ultimately, it is good for the horses we love!

your SpeedFarms team